"Spider-Man Edge of Time" Spider-Man 2099 Trailer

"Spider-Man Edge of Time" Spider-Man 2099 Trailer

Spidey Future

Spider-Man 2099

In the year 2099, a deadly hero known as Spider-Man 2099 protects Earth from deadly villains such as Scorpion 2099, Vulture 2099, Venture, and Anti-Venom!

With claws simalier to Wolverine's, Spidey of the future may be the true hero to end the threat of Mysterio once and for all!


Originally working for Alchemax, Miguel O'Hara helped create the Spider-Serum, and antidote created to grant the Military the powers of Spider-Man!

But, Miguel quit Alchemax, believing that replicating Spidey's powers was wrong. His old boss, Mr. Stone, drugged O'Hara with Rapture, a deadly drug that only Alchemax can provide more, without it, Miguel will die.

Later, Miguel was granted with the Spider-Serum, clearing all Rapture from his blood, and... transforming Miguel into Spider-Man 2099!

This new hero is called upon by Madame Webb, and must battle HobgoblinScorpion, and Otto Octavious's grand-daughter, in order to collect the fragments of Order and Chaos!