A former magician and special effect creator, Quentin Beck became a villain, hiding himself using a special helmet that can trick your eye into thinking that you cannot see in.

However, Mysterio developed the helmet so that he can see out, allowing him to perform karate and "disappearing" tricks.

Greatest PowerEdit

When Mysterio finds a fragment of the Tablet of Order and Chaos, he uses the fragments power to become powerful, meaning no tricks, he can do the real thing! He may become the most powerful being of all!

Worst ResponsibilityEdit

Using his newfound powers for evil, Mysterio hires hundreds of guards, each one working for an evil super-villain boss!

Mysterio captures Madame Webb and holds her in her monument. He is eventually tracked down by the four Spider-Men, Beck unleashes the power of the entire tablet, but is then knocked out by Spider-Man 2099, and arrested in the final battle.